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Local Studies Lessons and Activities 

Our Town, Our City: Local Studies Lessons for Massachusetts Teachers

The MSP invites classroom teachers and educators in all settings to take on the challenge of "going local" - using local themes and resources to teach concepts in language arts, social studies, mathematics, sciences and the arts.

The following lessons are a start. They were created with support from the
John H. and H. Naomi Tomfohrde Foundation

1. A Word Portrait of Our Community
2. Discovering My Neighborhood: A Personal Map

Exploring the Industrial Revolution Through Our Community

3. Manufacturing on the Rise: the local Industrial Revolution part 1
4. Working in the Factories: the local Industrial Revolution part 2
5. Farming in Decline: the local Industrial Revolution part 3
6. Immigrants for Hire: the local Industrial Revolution part 4

4. Home Sweet Home: Promoting My Neighborhood
7. My Neighborhood Then and Now
8. My Town / My City / My State (Card Game)
9. Water, Water, Everywhere?
10. What's in a Name?
11. What's Our Weather Like? Using Climographs
12. Who Was Who?
14. More Ideas to Spark Local Lessons

More Exemplary Lessons by Exemplary Teachers

Contributing Activities to the Database: we welcome lessons and activities related to Massachusetts Pease send your contributions in digitized form to


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