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Students Page  


On the MSP website you will find:

State Symbols: Find out the state’s favorite cookie, fish, horse and more!  

Ladybug Story: Kids learn how a bill becomes a law by petitioning to have the ladybug become the state insect.

Under the Golden Dome: This student guide to the State House contains children’s illustrations.

Massachusetts Firsts in government, education, economics, health and welfare. Let us know if you have one on your city or town.

Links to Recommended Sites:

BPL Kids Page has great variety including Boston information, homework help, booklists, fun and games, MCAS information, internet tutorial, and links.

Teens Lounge is adapted for older students, including college help.

Discovery has learning adventures, brain teasers, homework help and games.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has several sections for students of all ages with scientific information and activities:

Environmental Explorers Club

Global Warming Explorers Club

Non-Point Source Pollution kids page

Office of Water kids page

Student Center for middle and high school students


Give Water a Hand: A watershed education guide for student action in the community.

National Geographic Society kids page.

Explorer Magazine: Games, activities, experiments, stories, creature features, cartoons, GeoBee, maps and more.

Old Sturbridge Village has a Fun and Games section that includes a jigsaw puzzle, history IQ, George Washington quiz, and crossword puzzle.

PBS Kids (Public Broadcasting System): Especially for younger students, this site has all the lovable TV children’s characters with stories, games, music and activities that improve reading skills and creativity.

Secretary of State Kids' Zone:  Check out the history quiz, word game and state house quiz.

Yahooligans: A web guide for kids that features the year in review, a directory to topics such as science, nature, sports, the world, arts, computers, games, facts on animals, and more.


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