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Greylock Blackstone Lighthouse

 Providing Massachusetts resources for educators to enhance teaching and learning.
Organizations Database
Contact information (including e-mail and websites) for museums, historical societies, publishers, and other institutions that offer activities, events and publications about Massachusetts.

Resources Database
Descriptions of pamphlets, tours, workshops, videos, lesson plans and other Massachusetts Studies-related resources, and detailed information about how to obtain them.

Lesson Plans and Activities
Massachusetts history, watersheds, and local studies as well as multicultural and geography activities.

Workbooks, sourcebooks and Massachusetts Facts for teachers, with two children's guides.

Primary Sources
Original research materials including historical documents, maps, photos and other images.  

On Massachusetts history, topography, watershed, and culture, with links to other sources.

Add your information to our Web site

We invite you to submit your ideas pertaining to Massachusetts studies. We are collecting information about: organizations, resources, Massachusetts firsts, lesson plans and activities.

Send us mail if you have an activity, lesson plan or Massachusetts first to submit.


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