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Massachusetts History, Geogography and Government 

Featured Lesson Plans
Immigration in Massachusetts, 1880-1920
Helen Baker, St. Joseph School, Needham,

Massachusetts Immigration in the 1990s
Timothy A. Nolan, RJ Grey Junior High
School, Acton, Massachusetts

Learning Standards in Action: Immigration
David L. Cohen,W.H.C.S., Somerville,

Waterworks in Braintree
Susan Flukes, East Middle School, Braintree,

Mapping Community Values
Samantha Fox, Belmont High School, Belmont,

Where do you live?
Erik Jacobson, Citizenship Program,
Community Learning Center, Cambridge,

Massachusetts Oral History Project on the
Great Depression

Kathleen A. Lewis, Saint Clare Central High
School, Roslindale,

What is the Problem of Boston Harbor?
Randee Martin, McCall Middle School and
Arthur Talatinian, Everett High School

Seeking a Fortune in 18th Century Maritime

Mary Ellen Mellon, Special Educator
John Winthrop School, Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Harbor Cruise; A Shoreline Survey
Mary Ellen Mellon, Special Educator
John Winthrop School, Boston, Massachusetts

Children's Literature Resources for Teaching
Massachusetts Studies
Cheryl Ann Schwartz, Elementary Consultant

A Case Study of the Rochester Environmental

Charles R. Seguer, Old Colony Regional
Vocational Technical High School

Black Loyalists
Marvin Williamson, McCall Middle School,
Winchester, Massachusetts


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