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Search Strategies  

Are you looking for an organization to contact for educational information?

Do you need a site to visit for a field trip?

Do you want to find a curriculum enrichment guide that relates to your ongoing studies?

For beginners: start with one of the following menu options, depending on your goal:

Texts - activities and online "booklets" which can be downloaded right from this site.

Organizations Database - contact information on hundreds of institutions and publishers that offer Mass. Studies-related resources.

Resources Database - descriptions of hundreds of resources, and info on how to obtain them.

The adventure begins by visiting the online database, and using the search feature to find out what's available in your area of interest! Filemaker 4.0 has a help feature as well - just click the "?" symbol in the top right corner of the database screen.

- ideas and lesson plans to enrich your curriculum, many contributed by teachers. This category will be expanded with your help.

For specialized search on Massachusetts Themes:
We are providing help on interdisciplinary themes that bring together several kinds of resources in one place. Try the Local Studies Pilot Project (under "Activities"), the Watershed Education feature, the Massachusetts History feature, and the Industrial History feature.

All kinds of ideas are available to relate your curriculum to the world outside your classroom. Please give us feedback via our
email address on what worked for you and what didn't, and what you would like to see more of in the future.


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