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Massachusetts Watersheds 

June is Watershed Month across the U.S. The Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs has declared this year our Watershed Year. Because rivers are the lifeblood of watersheds, we are highlighting WATERSHEDS for teaching and learning at this time. Our Watershed Model emphasizes inquiry, hands-on experience and problem-solving, as well as interdisciplinary content through technology-based research and resources. Photo Credit: T.C. Fitzgerald, Photographer, Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth

Featured Organizations 

We salute the Massachusetts Bays Education Alliance and Urban Harbors Institute, partners of the MSP who enhance education and research about Mass. Bays and Boston Harbor watersheds. 

Featured Curriculum 

The Quabbin Experience: Beyond Its Waters (A Teacher's Guide available in Hard Copy from the Commonwealth Museum, Office of the Secy of State, 220 Morrissey Blvd., Boston, MA 02125, along with an oral history video. The Guide will be prepared for viewing online soon.) 

NEW! The Massachusetts Bays Watershed Stewardship Guide has recently been published. You can review an Overview, Index, and Part I here. 

Featured Lesson Plans from The Watershed Model 

Lesson Plans - from MSP Watershed Model 


Featured WWW Sites 


Watershed/Water Map Sites 


Featured Teacher 

THOMAS VAUGHN - Tom Vaughn, Science Supervisor of Arlington Middle & High School is 1 of 3 Mass. state science teachers who won a Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Math and Science in 1999 and has many more science awards to his credit. 

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