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Black History Quest
A good starting point to find more specific sites. A guide to multiple resources.

Africans In America
This public TV site has primary source materials from its program "Africans in America" , produced by WGBH in 1999, which covers many Massachusetts events and people of our topic. The Africans in America Teacher Guide is available from WGBH Educational Print and Outreach, Boston, MA 02134 or

A Frederick Douglass teacher resource site.

The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Also view Digital Schomburg.  This digital site for female African-American writers of the 19th century includes Phillis Wheatley and Maria Stewart.

The Afro-American Almanac provides good historical perspectives.

Black Voices
This Africana site, originally designed and maintained by Encarta Encyclopedia and the Harvard African American Center, is a good starting point for students, and is now maintained by America On-Line.

T he US National Park Service site maintains Our Shared History: African American Heritage, and links to resources in the National Park Service. The Museum of Afro-American History and the Black Heritage Trail in Boston are both participants in the historical park system. Also consider This is another example of a timeline.

The Library of Congress' African-American Perspectives site; Pamphlets from the Daniel Murray Collection, 1818-1907.

The Museum of Afro-American History in Boston. This site has its own links page.

Brown vs. Board
This site offers useful information into one of the biggest trials against segregation in the United States.
The article, Roberts, Plessy, and Brown: The Long, Hard Struggle Against Segregation by James Oliver Horton and Michele Gates Moresi, is valuable as well.

Encyclopedia Brittanica's Guide to Black History. It offers a general timeline to Black history.

The Slave Narratives, from the Greenwood Press site, contains transcripts for 2,000 interviews, from seventeen states conducted by the WPA Federal Writers' Project between 1936 and 1938, compiled by the Library of Congress; also forums, chats, related texts and links.


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