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PLACE in Massachusetts History: The Importance of Place

In 2002, the Mass. Studies Project directed an inter-campus course entitled PLACE in Massachusetts History which connected Massachusetts communities to U.S. and Massachusetts history and geography. The course tied into the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks for History/Social Science as well as Language Arts and Science. Because the background information and curriculum materials can be used by any educator interested in making these community connections, they are presented herein as a Feature. The Units submitted by the teacher/participants will provide excellent examples of how the materials can be integrated into the required curriculum standards in the Commonwealth. If you have developed a unit on a related topic, or a single lesson or idea, we welcome your contributions as well.

To learn how you might take advantage of content from this course, check out the following materials:
Introduction to PLACE;
Outline of topics with selected Power Point presentations or summaries;
Special readings that can be downloaded;
Curriculum resources listing, including websites;
Professional development units.


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