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MSP Milestones  


In 1991-92, the Project originated in the Secy. of State's Office through the Commonwealth Museum and State House Tours and Government Education. Advisory group (MASAG) evolved from 92-96 as a voluntary group of government and education organizations, and businesses; subcommittees gathered and inventoried information on:

state government
local heritage
populations and cultures
environment/ watersheds
educational associations
education technology

In 1994-95 database put online on UMass K12 Amherst through work of a technical consultant and advisory group.

In 1995-96 collaboration with Urban Harbors Institute, UMB, on a Mass Cultural Council grant, administered through the University.

In May 1996, the MSP left the Commonwealth Museum to reside at UMB in the Institute for Learning and Teaching, building on prior University partnerships, advisors, and student internships.

In 1997, professional development of teachers through workshops and two Department of Education content institutes related to Massachusetts Watersheds, and Massachusetts History, Geography & Government, with online resources linked to curriculum frameworks.

In 1998, outreach and grants continue with emphasis on Massachusetts history, people and places, including primary sources (University of Massachusetts Amherst prof. development grant re. computer-based instructional materials) and watershed education (EPA grant with Neponset River Watershed Association and Mass. Bays Education Alliance).

Improved web site launched in June 1998. New feature on Mass. History, Geography and Government. Additional categories added to themes and subject, with search capabilities.

In fall 1998, the Steering Ctte.developed a long-range plan and 3-year budget. Work selecting an Advisory Board followed, in cooperation with the Chancellor's Office, and in May 1999 the first Board meeting was held at the University of Mass. Boston.

In August 1999, new feature on website: Electronic Library on Industrial History.


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