Soil Purchase

Purchasing Topsoil

If your site has no soil you can buy it from the same companies who sell gravel, sand, and bricks, or from a landscape supplier.

How much will you need?

First, determine the square footage of the area you need to add soil to by multiplying the length times the width. For example: a 10' by 8' garden bed contains 80 square feet.
Here are two formulas to calculate the amount of topsoil you will need to purchase: EXAMPLE: We want 12 inch deep soil in our 8' by 10' garden bed.
8' X 10' =80"
80' divided by 27 = 2.96
So why don't we order three cubic yards of topsoil?

Another way to figure:
For 9 inches, each cubic yard will cover 36 square feet.
For 12 inches, each cubic yard will cover 27 square feet.

Remember: You don't need topsoil for pathways, other paved areas, or in utility areas, so subtract those areas from your calculations.