Multicultural Celebrations

Interactive, multimedia, interdisciplinary series introduces students to children and their families in the United States whose heritages are diverse. All ethnic groups are found in Mass. and some pictures are taken from Mass. neighborhoods. The 12 books include African American, Cambodian American, Chinese American, European American, Hispanic American, Korean American, Native American and Vietnamese American. Authors are members of the ethnic group they are describing. Individual books can be purchased with related teacher's guides, teacher resources, audio cassettes and posters at Children's Museum Gift Shop. Set can be purchased from Modern Curriculum Press, 13900 Prospect Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44136.

Author: Various authors, The Children's Museum
Publisher: Children's Museum and the Modern Curriculum Press
Address: Children's Museum Gift Shop 300 Congress Street Boston, MA 02210-1034
Contact: Linda Warner
Phone: 1-800-370-3487 (gift shop for individual copies)
Cost: Varies
Pages: 12 books & guides, etc.
Grade level: K-5; 6-8.
Theme: Multicultural
Watershed/Region: State Wide.
Format of Materials: Readings; Teacher's Study Guide; Audio-Visual.
Time Period: Contemporary/Future.
Arts; Geography; History; Language; Social Studies.
Also, see: Children's Museum