Massachusetts Unit: Arlene Price,


Day 1: Give students sheets of drawing paper. Explain that this will not be graded, but they should still do their best, and should work independently. Have them draw a map of Massachusetts on one side of the paper.

  • On the map, they should show:
  • (1) where Boxford is
  • (2) 3 cities
  • (3) 1 or 2 rivers
  • (4) important bodies of water
  • (5) neighboring states

  • On the back, they should list:
  • (1) the capital of Massachusetts
  • (2) 3 important people (besides yout) from Massachusetts
  • (3) 1 important event that occurred in Massachusetts.

    Afterward, view some maps of Massachusetts that show some of the above. (I used overheads of the attached three maps)

    (The homework I gave for today was the attached map worksheet.)