Local Chronology

April 1861 News of opening of war; Governor Andrews appeals to Massachusetts communities to respond with volunteers


May 1861  2 Meetings at U Church over two evenings to consider response. Cttes chosen to secure formation of military companies to be drilled and made ready

Ladies organized Soldiers' Aid Society

Soldier's Relief Society organized by the citizens to look after soldier's needs (Mr. William Heard & Mr. James Sumner Draper visits Wayland men of 35th & 39th on behalf of SoldierÕs Relief Society)


July 1862 Call for 300,000 men for 3 years by President Lincoln; Wayland quota 19 men,

Additional call for 300,000 men for 100 days, Wayland quota

Draft instituted


Quota 129 over length of war, 70 Wayland men served. The remaining men were recruited from other towns and cities to fill WaylandÕs quota. There is a reference in HudsonÕs Annals that says that money was raised, "..... a considerable part of which was paid to foreign recruits.......... About $18,000 was expended in the recruiting process........"  


From first Battle of Bull Run in 1861 to LeeÕs surrender at Appomattox in 1865, Wayland men in 96 battles and engagements (see separate listing)

            21 Infantry regiments

            1 Cavalry regiment

            3 Navy Seamen


1865    Wayland 4th of July celebration for returning servicemen.


1866  Town votes to have Memorial volume to commemorate service rather than statue: James Sumner Draper, Edmund Hamilton Sears and Lafayette Dudley, ctte. to prepare Memorial.


1871    Memorial volume published


Election Results: PRESIDENTIAL RACE, 1860

Republicans = Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin

Democrats = Stephen Douglas and Herschell Johnson

Southern Dem = John C. Breckinridge and Joseph Lane

Constitutional Union = John Bell and Edward Everett

>                         Rep.        Dem.  S. Dem.   Const. Un

Wayland              110             2       2                 39




Republicans = Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson

Democrats = George McClellan and George Pendleton

                            Rep.           Dem.

Wayland              149             54


For Governor: 1860-64  Republican John Andrew elected