13 Wayland men served in the 35th Reg’t C.D, The 38th and the 39th each had 9 local men. We have chosen to concentrate on the 35th because much has been written by its Wayland veterans about it. These names have been recorded: Brigham, Charles H. Campbell, L. Carter, James Austin Draper, Frank Draper, Samuel Hale Mann Heard, John Noyes Morse, A. Page, W. Parker, Spoffard, L. Swan,

Their letters home show they were in touch with each other and tried to keep track after battles.


In the coincidence dept: John Noyes Morse, Charles Campbell, and Frank Draper all of the 35th Regiment, Company D were in the battle at Fredericksburg.  They were led by the former principal of Wayland’s first high school, Lieutenant John Hudson from Lexington, (who was married to Sophia Mellen, daughter of well-known Wayland resident, Judge Mellen). Hudson had his portrait photographed by Newell Heard’s son, John A. Heard.)  During the war years, Lydia Rutter Draper was principal of the High School.