From Memorial, 1871


                        RECEPTION OF THE SOLDIERS


"The Fourth of July, 1865, was set apart by the citizens of the town for

a general reception of its soldiers who had served in the war.  It was

an occasion of deep interest.  Commingling with the happy greetings of

the returned veterans were the sad remembrances of those whose lives had

been required in the terrible struggle.  The spirit of gratitude to God

pulsed deeply in every heart, that his blessing had made the sacrifices

of both the living and the dead effectual for the restoration of peace,

and that our country purified and ennobled by the severe ordeal of war,

was now standing firm in its integrity, bearing aloft the triumphant

banner of FREEDOM.”


From Program for “Wayland Fourth of July Celebration” in Wayland Historical Society


Order of Exercises


  1. Music by the Band, while the Procession forms and enters Church.
  2. Singing, — Star-Spangled Banner.
  3. Prayer by Rev. J. B. Wight.
  4. Music.
  5. Declaration of Independence, read by Rev. Henry Bullard.
  6. Poem by H.G. Fuller.
  7. Music, — Our Volunteers.

Sudden and loud the war-cry rang;

It thrilled our startled ears;

And to the ranks with ardor sprang

Our gallant Volunteers.


Chorus: Then hurrah, boys, hurrah!

Fill the air with hearty cheers.

Give three times three, and three times three,

For our brave Volunteers,

For our brave Volunteers.


Onward they come, from hill and vale,

Nor paused for loved ones’ fears;

But rushed where poured the fiery hail,

Our noble Volunteers.



Many among them bravely fell,

And won a Nation’s tears;

And history’s page shall one day tell

How fought our Volunteers.



Pride of our land, ‘tis theirs to save

And guard for future years;

That freedom which our fathers gave

To our brave Volunteers.



And now heir solemn task is o’er,

And peace again appears,

We welcome to our homes once more,

Our gallant Volunteers.



  1. Welcome to Soldiers, assigned to Rev. E.H. Sears.
  2. Commemoration of Fallen Soldiers, assigned to Hon. Edward Mellen.
  3. Dirge.

Mourn, Columbia, at the bier

Of the slain, who claim thy tear!

Weep for them, the true and brave,

Slumbering in their honored grave!


Weep for them, the noble band.

Slain by Treason’s cruel hand!

For they fell as heroes fall,

Battling at their Country’s call.


Weep for them who nobly died

‘Neath our flag, the Union’s pride!

Weep, but keep their memory pure

While our Country’s stars endure!


  1. A Motion is expected for Soldiers’ Roll of Honor and Monument
  2. Opportunity to Speak upon the Motion.
  3. Adjournment to Grove, at 12, M., precisely.
  4. Music by Band, on the way to the Grove.
  5. Collation, while the Band plays.
  6. Unfinished Business, and Speeches, on call from the President,

interspersed with Music by the Band.

  1. Fireworks, at 8, P.M.