Lesson Plan Format: Day 10

Grade:    3___

Unit: The American Revolution in Massachusetts

Goal: Events and people in Massachusetts’s history had many advantages in overcoming the British Army at the start of the Revolutionary War.

Essential Question(s):

What were the differences between the Minutemen and the British Army?

Development and Selection of Activities and Resources:

Ø      Discussion of reading and journal entry

Ø      Discuss diary entry of Lexington and Concord

Ø      Literature Map for reading of Sam the Minuteman. Work with a partner or group to do this.


Ø      Answers to diary page

Ø      Read the book Sam the Minuteman, by Nathaniel Benchley. After reading the story, have the students fill in the literature map enclosed. They would be able to do this on their own, as this is done in Reading/Language Arts on a regular basis. Go over the answers the students have.


Curriculum Standard:

History and Social Sciences: New England and Massachusetts-Standard 3.5

English/Language Arts: 8.14



Ø      Finish literature map (if not finished)

How will the essential question be assessed?

Ø      Diary that will be passed in

Ø      Booklet (ongoing)