Karen Board Moran 

In addition to her many responsibilities as a social studies teacher and curriculum coordinator at Auburn Middle School, Karen prepared students and teachers to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the First National Woman's Rights Convention held in Worcester in 1850. Her primary sources, storytelling, and curriculum materials helped bring that pivotal event to life. Check out her webquest lesson in the Electronic Classrooms on the Worcester Women's History Project website (http://www.assumption.edu/whw/MoranQuest.html): "How did the Transportation Revolution Affect the Women's Rights Movement in 1850?" Another lesson offered by Karen (http://www.assumption.edu/whw/advice/advicelesson.html) called "1850 Teenagers and the First National Woman's Rights Convention" provides an example of how primary source document analysis can be used to connect students' lives to the past while enhancing their critical thinking and writing skills. She brings a lively historical reenactment program called "Window on the Past " into the community as well as the classroom.

Karen has spent over 25 years as an elementary and secondary educator, plus six years in business management. Karen has a Master's Degree in Education-History. She combines her love of history with her commitment to promoting education and equity. Past state president of the American Association of University Women Moran is also a Charter Member of the Worcester Women's History Project serving on the Steering Committee.She also serves on the Montachusett Girl Scout Council Steering Committee and is active in local history groups.

Karen designed and facilitated "Opening Your Classroom Window to 19th Century America," a DOE Goals 2000 Professional Grant for Teachers. Moran has been named the 1998 Auburn Chamber of Commerce "Educator of the Year" and 1997 Captain Job Knapp Chapter of the DAR "Teacher of the Year."